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Great book! Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind...

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I had a great time reading Moregasm, Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning’s female-friendly how-to sex guide.  The owners of Babeland, a famously women-run and women-friendly sex toy shop, Cavanah and Venning detail all kinds of sexy fun, with consent and pleasure at the center.

What I loved

  1. Pictures.  The models in this book are fantastic; beautiful and not at all plastic-looking.  An occasional tattoo here and there.  A mix of man-woman and woman-woman couplings.  Lots of gear pics.
  2. Tone.  The book is playful and accepting.  Lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer, trans, and intersex folks are all addressed and welcome.  Advice are offered in the spirit of fun.
  3. Instructional content.  The basics of major sex acts, such as oral on a guy, oral on a gal, anal, and so on, are covered, with some hints and techniques I’ve never heard before.  The section on anal sex was particularly awesome, in that it focused on real pleasure for a woman, debunking myths from porn and the cultural milieu. 

What I disliked

  1. Products.  The writers own a sex toy shop, so they show lots of pictures of products, which is okay sometimes, but it definitely feels like they are trying to sell you stuff by the end.  For example, they show 3 types of lubricant in “The Lube Guide” and all 3 are Babeland brand.
  2. Lack of information.  The bases are definitely covered, but I was left wanting more.  I loved the conversational tone and the number of pictures, but they seemed to cover up a lack of breadth and depth.

I would highly recommend Moregasm to people interested in great sex, regardless of gender identity or orientation, though cisgendered women seem to be the target demographic.