Adopt a Turkey this Thanksgiving

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Lovely lady turkey at Farm Sanctuary

Image by CETFA - Canadian for Ethical Treatment of Food Ani via Flickr

In a few weeks, Americans will sit down and enjoy a meal together.  We will take time from our busy schedules to get together with friends and family, and we will break bread.  We will donate our time and money to charitable organizations that help the less fortunate so that they can enjoy a similar feast.  We won’t buy junky candy, energy-sapping decorations, or unneeded gifts made in a sweatshop.  Anyone can enjoy the day; any faith and any creed can be thankful.  In some ways, Thanksgiving is the ideal holiday.  Thanksgiving themes are simple and universal.

My only complaint about Thanksgiving is the waste of life.  Every year, so many turkeys lose their lives for our selfish gluttony.  My sister’s co-worker was telling her about how she was going to celebrate this year without a turkey, since neither she nor her son enjoyed turkey and didn’t eat any of it the past few years.  Her son insisted that they have a turkey; it just isn’t Thanksgiving without turkey.  What a sad death that turkey endured, and for mere tradition.  A local food bank where I occasionally volunteer is giving out thousands and thousands of turkeys this year, which saddens me.  I’m happy that people have been so willing to donate, but the sheer loss of lives is heart-breaking.

I am only one person, and I can only do so much.  One thing I can do is take this coming Thanksgiving day and make it a day that all creatures I touch can be grateful for.  I have decided to donate and symbolically “adopt” a turkey through Farm Sanctuary this year.  I will bring a vegan dish to our Thanksgiving gathering, and I will be truly thankful that day.


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