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Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Umm, I've Already Donated

Image by Cayusa via Flickr

I donated blood yesterday.  As a B-, I feel the need to donate frequently; I go in every 8 weeks, answer the same questions every time (Have you had sex with someone from Africa?  Yes.  From thiscountry, thatcountry, thisone, thatone, thisone?  Nope.  Okay, you’re good), get my hemoglobin checked, donate blood, and kick it with the sweet granny who volunteers there every Monday and fills me full of juice and cookies.

I recently became vegan.  I was a vegetarian for six or seven years, fell off the wagon for a few years in college, and then became vegan in the past couple of months after visiting the feedlot where my brother-in-law works.  So, the last time I gave blood, I was an omnivore and my hemoglobin was 13.  Yesterday, it was 13.7.  So much for needing to eat animals or animal secretions to get enough iron!

Giving blood is great on so many levels.  First, in about an hour, you can donate a component of life.  In about an hour, you can touch the lives of up to three people, potentially saving three lives in an afternoon.  They bribe you with tasty treats.  I can usually find a vegan cookie, but you may want to BYOC if you haven’t been to your local Red Cross lately.

Donating blood as a vegan also gives you a bit of street cred.  Like me, you will likely find that your iron is just fine, so you can put your granny’s mind at ease.  And you’ll be able to point to something tangible if someone asks you what you do to help humanity, not just animals.  As in, “why do you waste all your time volunteering at the animal shelter and picketing the circus?  There are people in this world who need help!”  Well, actually, I donate money to VegFam and Amnesty International, and I donate blood every eight weeks, thankyouverymuch.

And donating blood is just as bad-ass as getting a tattoo.  So there’s that.


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