Don’t like gay sex? Don’t have gay sex.

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A friend of mine came over to my place last night after my fiancé went home from a monstrous vegan feast.  Over leftover watermelon margaritas, gazpacho, and vegan brownies, we began to wax philosophical about life, capitalism, organic produce, and Proposition 8.  (So it goes at gatherings chez moi.  Politics and searches.)  And even though we don’t agree on much (she was a Ron Paul supporter), even we two did agree that gay marriage should be legal.

Why the hell is this even an issue?  Why do people care what other people do in their bedrooms?  I don’t sit around worrying and fretting over what my straight friends do in bed or if they are particularly “natural” or perfect matches.  It’s really none of my business, and the same goes for my gay friends.  They should be able to live their lives; and, if they want to, they should be able to share finances, raise children, and make medical decisions with the same rights as straight couples.  It is so simple that I just can’t comprehend why anyone is truly against gay marriage.

The main arguments that seem to unite people are that homosexuality is “icky” and that the Bible prohibits homosexuality.  Maybe you think gay sex is “yucky.”  Well, there are plenty of heterosexual acts that one might find unpleasant as well.  Let’s say you don’t like bondage.  So you don’t incorporate bondage in your sex play.  Fine.  You don’t spend your life running around, telling people that bondage is horrible and unnatural.  You just live your life.  So, you don’t like gay sex.  Then don’t have gay sex.  In addition, the Bible prohibits all kinds of things (wearing mixed fibers, eating shellfish, and so on) that modern Christians embrace.  But still, if your religion condemns homosexuality, our country allows your church to believe that and preach that.  Let’s just keep that out of my government, and we’re cool.

Overall, I’m just aghast at the level of discourse in this country about homosexuality.  I’m astounded that straight people are so concerned about it in the first place, and then the bigotry and hatred from some some people just floors me.  I was going to include some nifty little links about the issue like a good little blogger, but the vitriol I found, especially in blog comments, is too ugly.  I don’t even want to link to it.

I’ll just say that I support gay marriage.


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